Strengthen Customer Loyalty and Increase Sales with Komo Digital Coupons

Create personalised and targeted digital coupons in minutes and reward your customers the way they want. 

Personalised digital coupons



Average converstion rate with digital coupons

65 %

Of consumers say digital coupons impact their final purchase decision


Of consumers share special offers on social media

Build brand loyalty & attract new fans

Everyone loves a deal. Digital coupons tap into that energy by connecting new audiences to your brand and strengthening brand loyalty for existing customers.

Combined with Komo's gamified technology, you can use digital coupons to reward engagement with your Hub and then easily tailor digital coupons to the nearest location or preferred product. Reward your customers they want and keep your brand top of mind.

Gamification marketing for digital coupons
Magners digital coupon redeemption

Redeem coupons in minutes

Digital coupons put the customer first and make it easy for them to redeem and connect with your brand.

No one wants to deal with floating pieces of paper anymore.  Sent via SMS, email, or redeemed on your personalised Komo Engagement Hub, digital coupons cut through the noise and put the customer first by prioritising their needs and mobile-first reality. From your staff perspective, its a breeze to either swipe to redeem or scan a QR code or barcode. 


Collect qualified first-party data that seamlessly integrates into your CRM

By combining gamified marketing tools with digital coupons, Komo's audience engagement platform makes it easy to discover who your customer is, where they engage with your brand, and what motivates them. 

Through a Zapier integration, this data seamlessly integrates into your CRM for enhanced personalised remarketing. 

Zapier integrations

Key features & benefits of Komo Digital Coupons.

Discover the many rich features of Digital Coupons, an integral part of Komo's Audience Engagement Platform:

Track redemptions icon

Track & Click Redemptions

Komo's platform track clicks and redemptions along every stage of the digital coupon funnel so you can better understand how consumers are interacting with your offers.

Use this business intelligence to optimise future offers to maximise redemptions and foot traffic to your stores.

Expiry date icon

Set Coupon Expiry Dates

Digital Coupons can be as flexible as you require.

Create an open-ended offer or set an expiry date to create urgency in the consumer’s mind

Limit usage icon

Limit Coupon Usage

Easily create offers with limitations on their usage.

Limit the Digital Coupons to one redemption per consumer or a pre-defined total number of redemptions for the whole campaign. 

Anti-screenshot icon

Anti-Screenshot Technology

Limit coupon fraud with the use of our anti-screenshot technology.

The pulsing dots in the background ensure that the coupon you’re redeeming is a legitimate coupon and not a screenshot.

SMS icon

SMS Automation

Send coupons directly to your consumers via SMS.

Simply set up a trigger event and when that event occurs, the consumer can receive their coupon. 

Location icon

Store Locator

Use Digital Coupons across multiple store locations and track redemptions per location.

Both geolocation and address lookups are supported.


Hear from our awesome customers 

Find out how they are implementing Komo into their marketing strategies to capture qualified data and drive revenue. 


Driving In-store Traffic with a 70% Conversion Rate on Digital Coupons

Optus required a convenient and seamless method to provide members of their Optus Perks rewards program with offers. Discover how Optus's simple digital campaign lead to conversion rates of up to 70% for their business partners. 

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Start rewarding your customers & boosting brand loyalty today