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Understand with Komo.                                    

Understand more about the preferences of your community by collecting first-party data to aid your future business decisions. 


Get to know your community.

99% of users respond to market research questions when integrated into Komo games. Use this data to enhance your future marketing and business decisions. 

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Community Profiling

Collect first party data from individuals to further develop community profiles and personas. These personas can be used to personalise your communication and prizes in Komo as well as be exported to enhance your CRM data. 

Your data, your way.

Organise your community data by exporting the full data set to a CSV or integrate it directly into your CRM. This data is highly powerful when used for re-marketing and personalised communications. 


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Any channel, anywhere


Utilise alongside your live broadcast



Integrate Komo content into your digital and social mix.



Activate with large audiences at live events. 


The Komo interface is an easy to use, well-guided and documented platform. We are currently running several successful campaigns and building our customer community bigger and quicker than ever.

Tom Galphin

Designer at Flamtree Creative

With the Komo platform we more than tripled our EDM database in 5 weeks. The UX is seamless and integrated perfectly to both our, our sponsors' brand, we look forward to continuing working with them.

Jaden Harris

Co-founder & COO at Forever Network

We are continually impressed by Komo and it's integration into our live broadcasts. The platform enables us to generate commercial income not traditionally available through a broadcast.

Caitlin O'Meara

Head of Digital at Foxtel Media

Learn from the experiences of our customers

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Discover how Baileys grew their customer database by 300% in four weeks.
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Fox Sports
Learn how Fox Sports increased sponsorship revenue through Komo activations.
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Read how H&M used gamification to increase CTRs by 615%.

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